Ghana Cookbook


The Ghana Cookbook explores the flavors, ingredients and techniques most common in Ghana. With an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients–especially vegetables, fruits and legumes–Ghana’s cuisine is vibrant, healthful and eminently appealing. Also, since Ghana cannot grow wheat, most of its traditional recipes are gluten-free. The authors highlight the flavor principles, seasoning techniques, and basic stocks, with later chapters dedicated to snacks, soups and stews, protein entrees, beverages, baked goods, and much more. Among the 140 recipes, you’ll find Kofi Brokeman (roasted ripe plantain and dry roasted peanuts), Fante-fante Fisherman’s Soup, Jollof Rice with Chicken, Atadwe Milkye (Tiger Nut Pudding), and Lemongrass Tea. Historical and cultural notes throughout put the cuisine in its broader context.